This example showcases a simple wooden bridge with balusters and railings beneath a canopy of trees.


21. A Unique Road Bridge

A narrow landscaped road winding through a stone bridge

Just because something is functional doesn’t mean it needs to be unappealing. While this bridge clearly serves a purpose (a continuation of a road/pathway), the homeowner has leaned into its curvy arch by installing some wooden railings.

With the overhanging trees around it, it becomes the perfect place to stop and reflect if you’re out walking through your garden. This is a very clever way of making the best of the existing quirks in your garden.


22. A Steppingstone Bridge with Railings

This steppingstone bridge design includes railings for safety. It goes over a pond and continues into the forest.

I love a steppingstone bridge, but even I have to admit they’re not necessarily the safest route of passage, especially for the younger members of the family. These DIY handrailings are the perfect solution, and they look striking and whimsical too! A combination of fence poles and bare tree stems complement the grey water stones for a rustic, earthy look.


23. Crossbuck Fence Bridges

A wood bridge featuring crossbuck railings connects brick patio with a garden


24. A Crossbuck Pond Bridge With an Arched Walkway

25. A Baluster Railing Bridge Design

A baluster railing bridge idea

There’s something really interesting about the use of balustrades in this railing. Their shape and symmetry lead the eye, making this enchanting bridge a standout piece in any garden.

What’s also really nice about this idea is that you could likely construct most of this design from repurposed wood, lending to a rustic look and feel.


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